How to assign a wallpaper to one monitor w/Eyefinity?

Hi guys, I am curious as to how I can assign one desktop background for each monitor individually? I am running Eyefinity with a triple-monitor setup. Thanks!
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  1. it acts as 1 monitor to windows...
  2. corroded said:
    it acts as 1 monitor to windows...

    How can I change that?
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    NOT use it Eyefinity mode... and I do not believe I've seen a regular setup that displays different wallpaper on each monitor. I am sure it is out there, just not seen it myself.

    Eyefinity = 1 big monitor, 1 image across all monitors

    Windows multi monitor (extend these displays) 2 monitors, 1 image, same in each display

    I did find this:
    ...and this:
  4. Awesome- thanks!
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