ASUS ROG Striker Platinum GTX 760 4GB

I need to know how much power consumption is this gpu using. I have a corsair cx500 will it be fine? Also whats the difference between a regular gtx 760 and this one ?
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  1. Slightly modded ASUS DirectCU II GTX 760 with a ROG branded to it. Its more for people looking for the aesthetics and keeping the ROG branding.
    The CX 500 in theory should be fine but the quality of a CX 500 isn't that good compared to a XFX 550W or a Seasonic equivalent.
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    ASUS ROG Striker Platinum GTX 760 4GB Video Card Review

    At full load it will draw 330w.

    The CX500 isn't the greatest but will run it. :D
  3. could you say that it can handle in the next 2 years games on full hd and high settings ?
  4. It will get the job done for 2 years.
  5. thank you very much for your answers
  6. It's a nice card you'll be happy with it.
    The Asus 760 4GB Stryker costs MORE than an Asus GTX770 2GB. You're far better off betting the GTX770 which averages 21% faster. There's arguably NO GAMES that benefit yet above 2GB for this performance level (Watch Dogs doesn't count; it's getting an update to fix the memory issue).

    No point in worrying about future VRAM usage when you are getting lower performance with the GTX760 vs GTX770 in every game right now.

    GTX770 vs 760 (770 21% faster on average):

    Asus GTX760 4GB Stryker-> $309
    Asus GTX770 2GB-> $300 (including Watch Dogs)

    1) GTX760/770 is okay but you will have to carefully tweak some games to keep your frame rate goal. GTX770 will still serve you well for quite a while.

    2) 4GB vs 2GB: Yes, I know this has been beat to death but it only makes sense to get a 4GB card if it doesn't cost much more for comparable quality as there's no benefit yet.

    3) CPU:
    No mention of your CPU. Many games will be bottlenecked by any AMD CPU such as Skyrim which is about 40% with an FX-8350.

    If you've got a modern 4-core Intel then you're generally okay such as an i5-2500 or better.

    The GTX770 requires a 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe power connector so use that as a guide. Your CX500 does appear to have the required connectors as it supports up to 2x8-pin I believe.

    a) The Asus GTX770 2GB will outperform the 4GB version in every game. Don't get the 4GB version.
    b) Your PSU appears adequate up to a GTX770.
  8. i found this card on a site used for 150 euros but he sold it very fast .thats why i wanted this card for its perfomance for the money eitherway i would clearly go for a better card
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