Which motherboard should I buy? July-2014

I'm looking for a really good gaming motherboard to satisfy my gaming needs for at least the next few years. It would also need to look nice as my case is going to have a glass side-panel. The color doesn't really matter too much but it'd be nice to go with my green and black case. Cost doesn't matter too much as long as it isn't a literal rip off. Tbh I'd kinda want one of the really good ones. Thank you for looking and answering my post (if you do that XD) and I wish you a nice day.
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  1. What cpu do you have?
    Do you plan to do any SLI or crossfire?
    Case size? ATX? mATX?
    Colour preference?
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    You really need to provide a bit more info.
    1. What cpu will you be using?
    2. Are you planning on dual cards?
    3. Do you want ITX, M-ATX, or full ATX sized?

    My take is that most any Z97 based motherboard gives you options for any level haswell cpu today, and the prospect of 14nm broadwell next year.
    For top quality, look at the ASUS Maximus VII series.
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