Clone Primary Display in a 3-Monitor Setup to a 4th Display

I currently have my desktop spanned across three monitors. My goal is to include my TV as a fourth monitor which mirrors the primary display, allowing me to use it for gaming, presentations, etc. My main concern however is image quality. My computer is mainly used for graphic design, and I cannot afford to degrade the quality of my displays.

By default, I realize this is not possible as Windows will not allow you to mix and match between extending displays and cloning them. I've looked into programs like DisplayFusion and UltraMon, but they are not able to provide a smooth mirroring effect, and the jitter makes using them for gaming pretty awful.

I've looked into a powered splitter, such as the Tripp Lite B116-002A 2-Port DVI Single Link Video Audio Splitter/Booster, but some of the reviews mention that this introduces color-loss, and jitter to the image, which is a concern at $80.

Does anybody have any ideas on how this problem might be addressed via software or hardware?
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    um... use a simple splitter on that output (duh). And of course windows will let you both extend and clone a display... this is not 1998
  2. Seems you're right. I was going about this backwards, trying to clone Monitor 1 to Monitor 4. I can just select Monitor 4, and make it a clone of Monitor 1 in the screen resolution settings. I'll just use my fourth port directly to duplicate the monitor.

    Thanks for the answer, even if it was needlessly rude.
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