AMD/ATI Graphics card blank screen. Even after installing new Drivers!

Bear with me on this, it is hard to describe but in a nutshell I am not getting a picture on my monitor(plasma tv). I had the exact same thing happen a month ago and fixed it. I either can't remember what I did or the same fix doesn't work.

What happened was me accidentally opening up a region 2 show using MPC-HC(madVR). so it had a different resolution and refresh rate than region 1 movies/tv. I think it decided to change my display resolution and or refresh rate but changed it to something out of range and has kept it their. The computer is running fine, audio works.

I tried Remote Connection but that won't let me adjust the resolution etc...

I uninstalled the amd drivers. MPC and MadVR. I used DDU to uninstall the AMD drivers. I have tried a couple of different drivers. run as administrator, safe mode etc...

When I re install the drivers, It says their were warnings on the install, but does not show any errors in the log. When the computer boots the screen goes blank again, but audio works as it was before.

I do not think this is a hardware failure...but what do I know. I think the only thing different I did last time was removed the card and then re installed it.Maybe that is the key to getting it to work? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Does anyone have any idea what would be happening? I am sure my description is not the best.

Win 7 64
PowerColor HD7790 1GB GDDR5 OC (V2)
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  1. I tried pulling the card and then re installing it with drivers. Same problem.

    The card works video wise when I don't have the ati drivers installed.

    So odd and frustrating.
  2. After more hunting it seems this also falls under the blank screen after the windows logo after installing AMD drivers. Still have not fixed the problem yet.
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