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Can a i7core CPU 4770s and gtx760 with 12gb ram and 1tb of memory is that good enough to run wow on max settings
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    Very easily yes
  2. I have a 3570k with a Radeon 270x and 8gb's of Ram, and I'm maxed for settings with 8x anisotropic on. That i7 will run a bit slower than my cpu, but not enough to matter really, and the video card is fairly similar in performance with the 760 being better, so you'd be just fine.
  3. So in short everything is good enough for world of warcraft
  4. Correct
  5. So how fast is the 4770s CPU
  6. 3.1. Ghz but that's not everything. If you compare your speed to either of our 3570ks your 4770s can do more per clock so to compare you are probably at about 3.4 ghz to my 4.5.

    Don't worry about comparing too much though you will be perfectly fine
  7. So is the CPU 4770s and gtx760 overkill bc wows wod is come ing out and I heard something ab new updates to the game
  8. Possibly overkill for just wow
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