Which CPU and Cooler recommend?

Hi, im looking for a new CPU and CPU cooler.
Im thinking about getting 4790k. Worth it +35€ price compared to 4770k?

Also, I want to do like 20-25% OC, which cooler do you recommend to me? I were looking for an hydro series (water cooling) cause I want high efficiency and really low noise.

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  1. Most of the noise generation comes from graphics card. Those have 2 or even 3 fans nowadays. But if you really want water coolers, just buy something closed loop which isn't too expensive.

    And yes, its worth the extra price, it has much better voltage regulation and heat dissipation. Reviewers say that if you buy a new CPU and have to choose between the two, then going for the 4790k is a good idea. The only case in which you shouldn't buy it is if you already own the 4770k.
  2. If you want high efficiency and really low noise, nothing better than a Noctua NH-D15 . It runs quieter than any closed loop cooler, and cooler than most of them.
  3. Get something like the Noctua NH-d14/15 or the Phanteks PH-TC14pe.
    Both run with almost identical if not better performance compared to CLC coolers for less price and half the dBA.
  4. Thanks for the answers, I was thinking about Corsair Hydro series cause they uses "low space" allowing me to easily clean dust from the motherboard.
    Also allows me to use high profile RAMs without problems with the cooler (which I had on my last PC)

    As Ive read, the problem with hydro series noise come from its fan. Its possible to switch them? which fan do you recommend?
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    You can switch the fans out, Noctua makes some good fans.
    However no matter the fan pushing air through a radiator will always cause more noise compared to a heatsink.

    Unless you specifically plan to use high profile ram (which there is no real reason to) you will get better performance/noise from the heatsinks. I use the h100i because this PC is more of a show rig plus a daily gamer, its my senior project. Cleaning the dust out isnt much harder with the heatsink.

    In the end its your call, they are very similar in performance, but the AIOs cost more, and are louder.
  6. Yes you can switch the fans, the scythe gentle typhoon AP-15 are very good for example. If you don't want to switch fans, the H110 performs better than the h100i, and is quieter.
  7. After lots of reviews reading and all your suggestions, i'll probably go for Air solution.
    The question now is... Noctua NH-D14 or D15? worth it 15€ difference?
    Which are the differences?
  8. If it is only a 15 euro difference, I would say yes. The D15 beats almost everything out there:
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