Overclock or SSD?

Right now I can put my money towards one of two things: Overclocking or an SSD.

Overclocking would require me to buy a Z97 board as well as a CPU cooler (212 Evo). This requires me to spend an additional $50-$70.

With that extra $50-$70 I could instead buy a 120gb SSD.

Which would you recommend I spend my money on?
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  1. SSD will *only* give you a boost on Disk activity - booting, loading games, etc. And 120GB isn't that big.
  2. What board do you have right now and what cooler?
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    You'll gain significantly faster boot times and just general snappier performance on the OS itself.
    120GB is more than fine for the OS and some programs. Use a separate storage drive for everything else.
    (I strongly recommend the Western Digital Black drives).

    Overclocking will net you faster in-app performance, so slightly more frames in games, some time shaved off video rendering etc...

    It really comes down to what you want out of your system, I would say the SSD is the more logical choice for its speed compared to a standard mechanical hard disk. Providing you have a decent enough board and CPU right now, you probably won't gain as much of a noticeable difference, at least, not as much as an SSD.

    I haven't personally got the appeal to the Z97 boards either. I mean, they're great, as are the chips that go in them, but the next Intel CPU iteration is so close on the horizon that it just seems a bit pointless to do an upgrade to it now. It makes some degree of sense for a brand new build.
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