WD Black 1TB HDD vs Seagate Barrucuda 1TB HDD vs Seagate Hybrid 2TB SSHD

The WD black is very expensive for its price per gb so i was wondering why it cost that much as on paper it seems identical to the seagate hdd in terms of cache and rpm.
Comparing the 2 hdd's which 1 is better and why?
But comparing the hdd with sshd the prices aren't that far apart is it worth getting the sshd? is there a big noticeable performance difference?
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  1. Western digital harddrives lasts much longer when comapared to other brands that's why they are expansive!
    i think performance is just the same but u should get the WD because of more life span!
  2. i would go for the wd black .
  3. wd all the way i got a seagate 2 tb hdd which have some bad sectors! and my wd hdd works really good for years!
  4. The WD Black carries a 5yr warranty and the Seagate only 2yr.
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    noob222 said:
    The WD Black carries a 5yr warranty and the Seagate only 2yr.

    yep :) and seem more reliable then the other 2.

    this the reason i got 2 of them.. i have seagate but after 3 year they begin to have bad sector or allocate sector.
    I also work my hard drive pretty hard .. move about 30-100 gig daily ( Convert video)
  6. After several weeks of research, I personally settled on the Western Digital RE (not RE-4) 2TB. In my opinion, irrelevant of color or brand, if each were equal in quality, they would both have a 5 year warranty. The first question you should be asking yourself is, ‘How much is my irreplaceable data worth?’
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