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So far I recently got a DWA-182 for my new desktop and it isn't as fast as my Surface Pro tablet wireless card adapter that I had for a few years. The Surface Pro tablet maximums speed that I've got is 12 MBPS downloading rate from files but that's very rare, the average download speed is around 1 to 3.5 MBPS and I'm on a Charter service of 25down/5up. The DWA-182 on my desktop however is getting me a maximum of 900kbps and averaging of only 200 - 500 kbps.

Note: My room does have a wall between the access point and the computer but if my tablet can get that much then supposedly the dwa should too, but it's a usb.

NOTE: my cpu is overheating to 80C as well and I just recently ordered an hyper evo 212 and a new thermal paste to clear that up in the following week.

So basically I'm wondering should I get a new pcie wifi card right now that's 300/300 or should I wait till I fix my cpu problem and see how my internet work after?

Also since my charter service is only 25/5, does getting a wifi router, not adapter, that give you higher down and up stream give you faster internet?

Sorry: I just realize I double publish, I perssed the backspace button while editing and it took me back to the publishing post and I click publish to see my edited post but it publish it instead.
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    First of all, no upgrading your router will not give you faster internet, but it might give you better wifi range. And be careful about the units, 25 Mb (or megabits) is about 3.1 MB (Megabytes). You probably have an internet speed of 25 Mbps and you're getting 3 MBps on your surface tablet. As for the difference in speeds, I can't really say what the reason would be, as that usb wifi adapter should work just fine.
  2. first you need to fix the cpu overheathing .
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