PC Compatibility and overall thoughts HELP PLEASE

Hey guys, i need help with my pc, i will be putting this together soon and i need all the help i can get. First i want someone to tell me if everything is compatible, that would be great :D. Second can someone give me some feedback and tell me if there is something i should change, since this is the first time i am putting a computer together.

PC Part Picker Link :

I will install water cooling eventually so i can OC my gpu and cpu. I will also have to upgrade the PSU because it will not be enough after the OC's. Will everything work together until then?

All help will be appreciated!
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    Since of PCPartPickers excellent mechanics. The website would've told you that the parts are not compatible with each other, if they are it will say this: Parts Are Compatible: No issues/incompatibilities found.

    So yeah all the parts are compatible with eachother. Everything will still go together until then. You will have a beast PSU once you get your water cooler to OC. Happy building!
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