Does Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition CPU bottlenecks R9 280/X if not overclocked ?

So instead of pairing my build in a FX 6300 to 29 270X, to push more price to performance I like to put my PC into more enthusiastic and power efficient too because the Pentium G3258 shows significantly performance in reviews should it bottleneck R9 280/X if not overclocked or should i buy an air cooler like Cooler Master 212 HyperX ?
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    If you OC it, a 212 should be a good option. There is another benefit for going with the Intel Pentium, you can upgrade to an i5 or i7 down the road and as long as your mobo is unlocked or a Z series you can overclock. Much better than buying a platform that has already died (fx line up from amd). Tom's also did an article testing the G3258, I'll link if I find it so you can see performance.

    Read every page of this and you can see the value in that CPU. It's crazy not to OC it.,3849.html
  2. I have a g3258 running at 4.3ghz (coolmaster seidon 120v watercooler) and a pair of 6870s in crossfire and it runs like a champ. I was leaning towards an fx6300 but after building a system for my dad using the fx 8350 I was unimpressed to say the least. In almost everything my little intel beats that higher end amd cpu and my 6870s like the intel better too(more consistant fps)
  3. But beware you can't play all games with that cpu
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