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I recently changed the GPU that I'm going to get from a 760 to an R9 280X. I had a power supply of 620W before, but someone suggested upping it to meet the requirements for the 280X. I'm also getting an i5-4690k and plan on overclocking it.

The person who suggested upping the power supply said that I should go from a 620W to a 650W, but I'm still iffy about that. Would 650W be enough, or should I go for something larger? My brother's PSU just blew up like a week ago, so I don't want to risk it.

Thanks for the help,
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  1. You need 600W with an R 9 280x. Make sure you've got a good quality psu though - from tiers 1, 2a or 2b of eg Seasonic 620, XFX 650 or Antec HCG 620M
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    650W is good, just make sure it's a good quality PSU. See this:

    If you plan to crossfire and want the peace of mind, you could always bump to a 750W but don't sacrifice quality to get it. Shoot for one of PSUs listed in Tier 1 or 2 if your budget will allow.
  3. YOu could probably get away with a 650W, but I would recommend going a little higher. This will keep the power supply cooler and let it operate at a better efficency. Corsair makes really good PSUs and I highly recommend them, I have used them in dozens of builds and never had a problem.

  4. Just to clear the 620W and 650W has just small difference, it's still 600W PSU, if you want to overclock both CPU and GPU and to make you calm pick a 750W PSU. Pick trusted brands like Corsair, Antec, XFX, Seasonic..
  5. gtx 760 and r9 280x both requires 30 amp @ 12+ volt so no need to upgrade your psu and BTW upgrading for extra 30 watts makes no sense...u can oc the cpu as well as the card and will still left with plenty of headroom ....
  6. Wow, thanks for all of the quick answers, guys! I'll definitely take a look at that list and see if the PSU I originally planned on using is on there. It's Antec, so not something too cheesy.

    It seems like the 620/650W would be sufficient, but like chedder and Jaydee said, I'll go for something higher for the peace of mind and efficiency.

    Now it's just time to order the parts and make it. Thanks for the input!
  7. no need to go for a 750 watt psu 620 is more than u need and a good 550 watt is what required....if u are planning to crossfire in future then go for a 850 watt psu or else be happy with your old psu ...
  8. This:,8.html

    According to this test, for a single 280X a 550W (generic) PSU is sufficient. If OCing, they recommend "slightly" higher. A good quality 620-650W would seem to answer this requirement. For peace of mind and/or headroom, OP could go to a 750W but it certainly isn't necessary.

    Personally, I'm a belt AND suspenders kind of guy so I like maintaining 25-50% capacity over estimated max draw and at the highest quality level I can afford, but that's just me.
  9. I think you should go for 750W to be on safe side. I think you should not take risk with such minute difference.
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