Eyefinity 3 monitors with this gpu?

Can i play Games on 720P on medium or hight settings on 3 monitors with AMD R7 250X Vapor-X 1gb GDDR5 128bit and 2x4gb Kingston HyperX Blu,1600mhz and 450W power supply.??
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    Well 3x720p=3 x 720 x 1280 = 2,764,800 pixels

    1 x 1080p = 1 x 1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels

    So your pumping about 25% more pixels, so look up 250x reviews and see if it can do 1080p graphics in the games you want to play at high, then figure about about 25% less FPS give or take for more pixels, then take off a few more percentage for having to drive and sync 3 displays vs 1, and see if that FPS are acceptable.

    Short answer, probably not really, the 250x is a entry level card.
  2. I know its a budget card but its a beast for that money i can play on 1080p ultra on Battlefield 3, I will try out soon on 3 monitors how can handle Battlefield 3 and more games. And thx for help!
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