Wi fi Drivers, how do I find them?

Hi everyone I have this huge problem , my laptop is a lenovo yoga 2 13 and I can't find the wi fi drivers. it schuld be realtek rtl8723be wireless lan 802.11 pci-e nic. I don't know what to do! I tred like 20 different installation drivers but none of them worked. basically I did the downgrade from win8.1 to win7 professional but I can't find the driver for win7. do you guys have any ideas?
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  1. Try it here,
    click the green "select product" and go from there.
    Yoga 2 13 Notebook (Lenovo)
  3. That one is better,choose the right o.s. before downloading something.
  4. the problem is that I went there but the drivers don't work..I'm really stuck
  5. Do you have a ! or ? in device manager?

    What are your problems with the wifi?
  6. in device manager under "network adapters" there is only the bluetooth devices, I just need to install the driver of the wi fi but I can't find the right one! I installed the graphic card and it worked fine. So I don't really know what's the problem.
  7. that doesn't work, cause I have win7 now, and it is not compatible :/
  8. Did you downgrade to 7.
  9. yes I wrote it already
  10. They never released a working windows 7 WLAN driver.
  11. oh, so I can't do anything about it?
  12. See if it the driver will run in windows 7 compatibility mode.
  13. Not exactly for your type laptop,but it's from lenovo for the wifi card used and for w7, (top link)
    maybe this will work.
  14. so, I tried everythig and it didn't work, so I downloaded the second link, it worked for like 1 min and then it just didn't work, I was able to get wi fi and connect to the router but then it crashed and it didn't recognised the wifi lan anymore
  15. Are you sure that's your wifi card? -> rtl8723be

    I looked at your laptop and in what i could find did it have this one,
    for drivers,
    or look for yourself,
    or even see if this one does the trick,
  16. Well, first of all thanks you Vic 40 for your help! I downloaded the drivers you sent me, but it still doesn't work, when I open the Manual diagnostic tool of the Intel Wi Fi itself it fails the hardware test and it says "wireless hardware is not bound to transport driver"
  17. I am 100% sure that the wi fi card is that. I have just this problem: I install the wi fi card from the link I found the driver here it is the second link, it works for like the installation, actually, at first it says, "driver not found" then " wait, driver found" then I can connect to the wi fi and to my router, but after like 2 minutes it crashes, and I have to reinstall the whole thing again.
  18. so, now I have in device manager the wifi card, but when I click on properties in General there is "no drivers are installed for this device"
  19. try looking for the motherboard model in the device manager, once you find that, you should be able to find the complete drivers for the motherboard.
    in those drivers you should be able to find your network driver, there wil also be some other drivers for your sound card and others.
    simply install the drivers for the network card and you should be good to go.
  20. oh my gosh. I guess I did it. I don't even know how, I just went to device manager then "realtek rtl87..." then update drivers, I downloaded a random driver found on another website, I installed the driver for win7 32bit manually, and now it's working. I don't even know how. wow, thank you to everyone so much!
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    fecke said:
    I installed the driver for win7 32bit manually !

    I think it's in this,i presumed that you were on a 64bit o.s. and this is for a 32bit o.s.
    the one in this link shows a 64bit driver too when i open it,

    but ... glad you solved it.:D
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