Computer will not boot even after working perfectly yesterday.

When i turned on my pc today, it booted into windows the first time but the screen was blue with red horizontal lines everywhere so i restarted it, and now there is no video, only the audio of skype turning on and other programs that i had set to open on startup. The computer was working just fine all of yesterday. I have tried both of the dvi ports on my gt 630, and the dvi port on the mobo itself, and neither of them works. I think this might be a motherboard problem but i wanted the opinion of someone with a lot more experience in the subject aka almost everyone else on this site.

cpu: i5 3570k
gpu: gt 630
psu: corsair hx650
mobo: asus p87zz - lk
8gb ram
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    It might be a monitor problem... I doubt it's a motherboard problem, though not impossible.
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