PC Freezes on restart with colored dots at top of screen, PLEASE HELP!

So recently (back in February) i build my first pc, everything went fine, i had done my research, and i was ready to build. After building my computer, i installed windows 8.1. Everything went fine and is all working well, except one thing, every time i restart my computer, it fezzes on a black screen on start up and has a bunch of colored dots across the top of my monitor, at this point if i hit the reset button on my tower, everything goes fine and the boot is successful, also, if i boot from a full shutdown, no problems come up, the only time this happens is on a restart, this is verrry annoying and any help would be very appreciated.

Here is what it looks like on startup when it freezes: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/913x685q90/661/NuWvqO.jpg

P.S. i have cleared my cmos already, it seemed to fix the problem for one restart, then it was back

cpu: AMD 8350
mobo: Asus M5a97
ram: Kingston hyper X blu 2x4gig
gpu: evga gtx 760 2gig
hdd: wd 1tb blue
psu: corsair cx 750m
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  1. odd how it's only after a restart

    things I'd recommend:
    1. make sure your using the latest bios version for your mobo
    2. make sure nvidia drivers are up to date
    3. make sure all windows important updates have been installed

    also, this might be of help

  2. I tried all of your solutions, all of my drivers are up to date, Windows is all up to date, and am using the latest bios for my mobo. I followed what your link said, everything happened like it said it would, but unfortunately the problem is still happening :(. Thanks for trying though.
  3. I'm having the same/similar problem. On boot, after bios info, but before login screen, computer makes a pattern of dots that fill in the top of screen just like what you have pictured. Eventually, sometime fifteen minutes or more, the computer boots to the Windows 7 login screen and everything works normally from there on. I've tried to reset and boot again, but I've only had the same results; the computer apparently has to work through the issue to boot. I've used msconfig to turn off the Windows splash screen (windows gui boot), so that instead there would appear four or five dots in the upper right corner. These appear to be the dots that are repeating themselves across the top of the screen. Also, in msconfig, the version of Windows 7 is sometimes but not always listed as "(recovered)".
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