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Hello, I'm buying an i5-4690K 3.5 GHz, with a GTX 760 2 gig and a GIGABYTE Z97X-SLI ATX motherboard. I was thinking about going with either the Corsair RM750 or the Corsair CS650m. Would either of these be good for this spec? Also, is the motherboard a good choice? I liked it because it is SLI compatible and that's something I may think about doing in the future. Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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  1. I would go with the RM750 if you plan to SLI. The motherboard id fine for the application.

    Here is Guru3Ds power supply recommendation:

    GeForce GTX 760 - On your average system the card requires you to have a 550 Watt power supply unit.
    GeForce GTX 760 SLI - On your average system the card requires you to have a 700 Watt power supply unit.

    If you are going to overclock GPU or processor, then we do recommend you purchase something with a bit more stamina.

    Avoid anything from Corsair where model number begins with a C....In order of build quality / performance:

    Seasonic X Series
    Seasonic M12, Corsair HX, EVGA SuperNova G2
    Seasonic S12, Corsair RM, XFX Core Edition, Antec HCP/HCG
  3. The EVGA G series garners 10.0 / 9.5 ratings from jonnyguru . The B series PSU's not so much (8.5 / 9.0)
  4. Lou22 said:

    that's also good, but it's sold out:(
  5. I eod rather own a cx or cs than a rm750 any day of the week. Even as middling as c series are, they are far superior to that particular rm. It uses the worst capacitors made in the industry, is totally unreliable, has very bad thermal capabilities and is pretty much guaranteed to shutdown or fail entirely under anything close to full load.

    For good psus look to the XFX 550, Antec 620m HCG, Seasonic S or M12 II Bronze. For SLI look to the same but @ 750w, Corsair HX, AXi.
  6. Ill try to find it somewhere else, what do you think of that motherboard?
  7. Lou22 said:

    Another B series PSU .... certainly not in the same class as the G series.

    Anonymous said:
    I eod rather own a cx or cs than a rm750 any day of the week. Even as middling as c series are, they are far superior to that particular rm..

    Corsair RM Series

    Performance = 9.5
    Functionality = 10
    Value = 8.5
    Build Quality = 8.5
    Total Score = 9.2

    Corsair CX

    Performance = 9
    Functionality = 10
    Value = 10
    Build Quality = 7
    Total Score = 9

    Of course quality can vary from model to model.....HX 650, 750 and 850 were great ..... 100 and 1050 were dogs
  8. So the RM850 would be the best bet? I was thinking of getting that one first but I thought 850 watts would be a little bit overkill for a GTX 760 2 GIG.
  9. Heres a rundown of the whole spec, with the RM850 included. Should I change anything?

    *BASE_PRICE: [+685]
    CABLE: None
    CARE1: Ultra Enhanced Packaging Solution - Protect Your Dream System During Transit [+19]
    CAS: Corsair Carbide 300R w/ USB 3.0
    CD: LG 12X Internal Blu-ray Drive & DVDRW, 3D Playback Combo Drive (Black Color) [FREE Blu-Ray Combo Drive with all 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 or i5 processors purchase]
    CD2: None
    COOLANT: Standard Coolant
    CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-4690K 3.5 GHz 6MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1150 (All Venom OC Certified) [+20]
    CS_FAN: Maximum Corsair AIR Series AF120 Performance Edition 120MM High Airflow Case Fan [+39] (Maximum Corsair AIR Series AF120 Performance Edition 120MM High Airflow Case Fan)
    FA_HDD: None
    FAN: * Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler w/ PWM fan - Efficient Cooling Performance [+4]
    FREEBIE_CU: None
    FREEBIE_MB: None
    GLASSES: None
    HDD: 1TB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 32MB Cache 7200RPM HDD (Single Drive)
    HDD2: None
    HEADSET: None
    IUSB: Built-in USB 2.0 Ports
    KEYBOARD: (Keyboard & Mouse Combo) Razer Cyclosa Gaming Keyboard & Abyssus Gaming Mouse [+27]
    MB_SRT: None
    MEMORY: 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3/1866MHz Dual Channel Memory (Corsair Vengeance [+33])
    MONITOR: * 24" Widescreen 1920x1080 ASUS VS247H-P 1080P (23.6" Viewable) 2ms LED Backlight, DVI, HDMI Input [+179]
    MONITOR2: None
    MONITOR3: None
    MOPAD: None
    MOTHERBOARD: * GIGABYTE Z97X-SLI ATX w/ Intel GbLAN, 2 PCIe x16, 3 PCIe x1, 2 PCI, 1 x M.2, 1 x SATA Express, or 6x SATA 6Gb/s (Extreme OC Certified)
    MOUSE: None
    NETWORK: Onboard Gigabit LAN Network
    NFC: None
    OS: Microsoft® Windows 7 Home Premium [+104] (64-bit Edition)
    OVERCLOCK: No Overclocking
    POWERSUPPLY: 850 Watts - Corsair RM850 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Fully Modular Ultra Quiet Power Supply [+117]
    RUSH: Standard processing time: ship within 2 to 3 weeks
    SPEAKERS: None
    TEMP: None
    TUNING: None
    TVRC: None
    USBFLASH: None
    USBHD: None
    USBX: None
    VIDEO: * NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x16 Video Card [+181] (Single Card)
    WNC: None
  10. Best answer
    As per post # 3

    Stock Speeds
    760 - 550 Watt
    760 SLI - 700 Watt

    760 - 600 Watt
    760 SLI - 750 Watt

    Water cooled Overclocked
    760 - 650 Watt
    760 SLI - 850 Watt

    Under $100 choices

    750 watters

    9.5 ($95) Seasonic M12

    9.5 ($90) EVGA SuperNova G2

    9.0 ($85) XFX Core Edition

    850 watters

    9.0 ($95) XFX Core Edition
  11. Thank you all for very for the advice guys, very helpful.
  12. The Corsair RM 750, and 850w psu are made by Chicony, and are absolute crap psu's. The RM 450,550,650w psu are made by ChannelWell and are some of their better psu's, so taken as a whole, the line is ok, but singly, those 2 are worse than boat anchors.
  13. Personally, I wouldn't use either .... but other than the HX650, 750 and 850, Corsair doesn't make a PSU that I would buy .... tho the lower wattage RM series uses 2nd tier caps and the higher wattages uses 3rd tier, Chicony build quality is usually up there with Delta and the other top tier builders. But remember, can't blame Chicony for the design and component selection. Corsair develops and designs their own products and outsource the manufacturing to other companies. The choice of components is therefore Corsair's and Corsair's alone.

    Jonnuguru rated the build quality of the RM650 by channelwell disastrously at a 7 and notes:

    "substandard capacitors on the 12V output "

    "First, the soldering isn't what I like to see from the best in the world. Delta, Etasis, Enermax... these are the ones to get when it comes to board work so clean you can eat off it.... But, this is far from the worst"

    "Oh, and a half point comes off for seeing second tier capacitors,"

    OTOH, jonny praised the build quality of the Chicony (8.5) and compares the build quality to perennial quality king Delta ....

    Boardwork and solder quality is, as I expect from Chicony, excellent. It's not at Delta "you can eat off this thing" levels of quality, but real close. ...I mean, look over at the right side of the board. For Pete's sake, they actually engineered notches into the board so those standoff screws would fit properly!!!

    Unfortunately, the HX Series remains the one PSU that you can depend upon from Corsair for excellent performance at a reasonable price. The HX100 and 1050 are doggies, the AX are ridiculously overpriced and ripple / voltage stability comes up short of the HX.
  14. Agreed, the HX series is king if the Corsair lines. The TXv2 isn't far behind though. Other than that, the AXi isn't bad (over priced) but all in all I'm not a fan of Corsair PSUs other than those. They should stick to cases and CLC's and RAM.
  15. Yes, I think ARM was supposed to take the place of TX V2 but with most peeps going gaga over "full modular" for reasons I have trouble understanding, to stay in the same price tier, they gotta cut costs somewhere. I think their relationship w/ Seasonic may have been strained as the X series has been very cost competitive with AX / HX

    I think maybe they should actually take a shot at actually making **something**

    PSU's made by Flextronics, Chicony, Channelwell, Seasonic
    Coolers made by Asetek
    Memory made by Samsung, Elpida

    Corsair designs and sells a range of products for computers, including high-speed DRAM modules, ATX power supplies (PSUs), USB flash drives (UFDs), memory and case cooling solutions, computer cases, solid-state drives (SSDs), and speakers.

    In addition to its worldwide headquarters in Fremont, California, Corsair maintains a production facility in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, for assembly, test, and packaging of select products, distribution centers in Asia, the United States, and Europe, and has sales and marketing offices throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.
  16. Man I have learned a metric tonne about PSUs you guys are awesome. I wish that I had known all of this before installing mu EVGA 600B two days ago. Though I think that the complaints with it are rather trivial it sure beats the heck out of the HIPRO 300W that has powered my setup for 4 years now lol.
  17. The AX is the best Corsair line.

    The EVGA 500B and 600B are decent.
  18. I will agree, if defined by efficiency, then AX was the "best line". But I'm not at all interested in what metal (Gold,Silver, Bronze) designation it's been given as the impact there is maybe the cost of a cup of coffee each month. When I compared the HX850 and AX850, the HX had better voltage stability and lower ripple which is of greater concern to me as it has more of an impact on system performance / overclocking.

    The newer AXi series is another thing.... here some reviews I have seen have stellar voltage regulation, others not so much....but the prices are just way out there. The thing that disturbs me in both lines however is the inconsistency between models....the 750-760 watt model should perform as well as the 1200 and with the same componentry. We just don't see that from Corsair or Seasonic.
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