Ping/latency problem Call of duty 2 and 4 Multiplayer

Hi, I have a weird problem and have no idea how to fix this.
So, when I play games like League of Legends, CS:GO, Guild wars 2 etc. my ping/ms is stable and isn't lagging, but when I play Call of duty 2 or Call of duty 4 Multiplayer my ping goes from 150-350 and it's unplayable. My normal ping when this problem didn't occur was about 60.
And yesterday when I played in like 1 AM the ping was good (50-60) but now it's still unplayable.
This problem persist since 3-5 days ago, I'm not too sure.
My CoD2 cd key is original but I play CoD4 on cracked servers. I have Windows 7 64-bit.

Any help is much appreciated and sorry for my grammar mistakes.
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    Let's clear up some things then, as there's a main difference between the games you mentioned, AFAIK.

    League of Legends, CS:GO, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, etc.... are all games which feature a region-based dedicated server structure for online multiplayer. What you're doing, in simple words, is connecting to a machine in the same region where you live that acts as a meeting spot for all the players. These machines are dedicated to be used with that particular game in one particular region, usually backed up by very high speed connections and powerful hardware, to sustain the amount of data exchanged and to keep latency at a minimum, thus the fact you have a low ping in these games.

    CoD games, on the other hand and especially on PC (with some exceptions), use a different host-based server structure. In this case, you're not connecting to a machine dedicated to a particular game like before, but rather to the person who is hosting the match at the moment. Everything you experience from that moment depends on how powerful the machine and the connection of the host is, as well as the physical distance between you and him. For example:
    - You live in the U.S. and the host is in the U.S., backed up by a good enough connection and a powerful hardware. You'll probably get under 100ms in this case, or better depending on connection quality.
    - You live in the U.S. and the host is in Eastern Europe, backed up by a slow connection and a old hardware. You'll probably get over 150-200ms in this case, or worse depending on connection quality.

    On the former category, no matter the time you're playing, you'll always get the same playing conditions. They could be good or bad, depending on how far you are from the dedicated server or depending on some issues the server might be experiencing, but they'll be constant.
    On the latter category, the playing conditions will depend on the time you're playing, as timezones will decide who's playing, where is he from, and where will he be hosting. You could have 50-60ms for a couple hours, and some time later you could have a completely different experience, with 5 times that value in ping.

    I hope I was clear enough :p
  2. Yeah but I'm from Croatia and I always play on servers hosted in Croatia. :)
  3. Still doesn't matter if who you're connecting to can't hold up the game due to bad connection/hardware :p
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