looking for 120-144hz led 27in gaming monitor

trying to stay under or at $300 but that seems to be unrealistic. so what monitors would you recommend i check out? i don't care if it's ips or not. it's mostly just gonna be for gaming
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  1. Well, there is one single 27", 1440p, 120hz+ monitor out there, and that's the Asus SWIFT for $800. It's a bloody perfect monitor, but that's a little pricey.

    Why do you want 27" so badly? 1080p 27" monitors are absolutely horrid to look at, and nobody makes those with high refresh rates... and a 1080p, 120hz, 24" monitor is going to be much closer to your budget.
  2. i don't think the pixel density on a 27in for 1080p would be bad at all. anything bigger and i'm sure there'd be a pretty noticeable difference
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    I can tell you right now that it does. I have a 24", 1080p, screen and a 27", 1440p one, and there is a very noticeable difference between running games at 1080p on the two.

    The difference is basically 109 PPI at 1440p, 27" vs 82 at 1080p, 27". That's pretty dang noticeable.

    Can I ask again why you want 27" and 1080p? The only monitors with those specs are going to be cruddy monitors, and the good 27" monitors are bloody expensive if you want a high refresh rate... really there's just the one offering, for $800.

    That's the Asus SWIFT, which is 1440p, 144Hz, G-sync, 8-bit TN... vs a very high end BenQ, say, that's 1080p, 24", 120hz... and only $400. If you don't want the very top notch, you can get a 1080p, 24", 120Hz monitor for $300 very easily.
  4. i just found an old lcd 24in monitor to use for now and you're right. i guess i didn't realize how big a 24in monitor actually was. going for the acer gn246hl. thanks for the feedback
  5. There are a lot of people who use 27" 1080p monitor who like them a lot. They are hardly "horrible". Perhaps they aren't perfect, but I personally would prefer the size over slightly crisper text.
  6. Yeah, 27" monitors are more like small tvs - they're hard to make room for. Glad I could help!

    And bystander, you're right that they aren't horrible, but they aren't even worth considering when compared to 1440p, and I don't even know of any 1080p, 27" monitors that are also 120+ Hz.

    (And I strongly disagree with you; to me the size is an annoyance. But hey, that's all just personal opinion. :) )
  7. There are a couple 27" 1080p 144hz monitors. Asus VG278HE is one, BenQ has a competing one.

    I personally much prefer 27" 1080p to 24" 1080p. I'd rather having the viewing area, especially when gaming. If you've seen the polls on the forums with people who have tried them, most agree, but not everyone. Clearly there are a few who won't agree, but it appears to me, most still prefer the size.

    I'd also like that Asus Rog 1440p G-sync monitor, but it is quite pricy atm.
  8. Huh, funny. I've never noticed one before.

    And yeah, I know I'm in the minority, I just don't understand why. :P

    And yes, the Swift is just about the perfect monitor... I'm saving up little by little from each paycheck so that hopefully I'll be able to afford it one day... of course, by then I'll have to buy a gtx 990 to keep up with it, but hey.
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