Second monitor is blurry

I have a windows 8 gaming laptop. I have my main display and a second monitor. Earlier today, my battery charger died on me so I bought a new one, I plug it in, and turn on my laptop but my second monitor is all blurry now. If i lower the resolution, it clears up, but its a 1920x1080 LDC monitor. None is my settings were changed but the second display is blurry.

I am using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M 3GB graphics card. My cables are working fine (tested on a different computer, no issues there). On my Nvidia control panel, all my settings are the same as they were before.

The native resolution is 1920x1080.
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    It sounds like your monitor isn't getting enough power or that your computer isn't displaying in Full-Mode. You say that your battery charger died on you? Hopefully that didn't cause a surge and ruin something internally.

    Here is what you can do to test. I am not too familiar with windows 8 because I don't like it to be honest but I will try my best with these steps.

    1. Go to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Screen Resolution
    2. Make sure the pc is detecting 2 displays, and your Laptop (1) as the primary display. Orientation should say Landscape.
    3. Go to advanced settings. Assuming both of your displays support 60hz, make sure the Screen Refresh Rate is set to 60hz and both are on the same color display mode.

    If your secondary monitor has buttons and a Menu on the side of it, like mine does, try the following:

    Navigate through the buttons and options and see if there is a Reset Default, Auto, or Full Mode/Display Mode option and try using those.

    If none of this works, it could be something simple such as a DVI/VGA cable not being screwed in all the way or something. Unplug everything and make sure it is all fastened nicely.

    If this doesn't work than I am leaning more towards it being a faulty monitor/psu issue.

    I hope this helps.
  2. It might be because the video card isn't getting enough power. I had to switch from 180w to 120w (180w can only be bought from 3rd party retail or from AU which would cost roughly $200 dollars that I don't have). I'm going to check with any local battery shop to see if I can find a 180w battery charger.
    I tried resetting the settings on my second monitor and auto adjusting it to fit, but that didn't work.
  3. I bought a brand new charger (180W) but my second screen is still blurry. I has restart my laptop, make sure all the drivers are up to date, and tried recreating the resolution settings.
    As before, we I reduce the resolution to 1680x1050, it has perfect resolution but this isn't its native resolution (1920x1080 is the native).

    Any idea why this might be happening still?
  4. Figured out the problem. there was a bug in a Driver for my graphics card, there was an update released to fix that bug.
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