Computer losing free space and taking up too much RAM

The free space in my computers HDD is messing up, at one point it's at 10 gb, then 5, then 2, then 3, sometimes it would even go down to a few kilobytes, to make matters worse, the computer has been using an awful lot of RAM lately, with around 14 svchosts.exe, it's no wonder. I've tried running both malwarebytes and MSC but those didn't solve the problem despite detecting a few threats. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. adwcleaner...

  2. Forgot to mention I tried CCleaner, got nothing except for a few dozen megabytes of free space only to have those suddenly disappear.
  3. Does the system performance change if you take it offline?
  4. No.
  5. ok... was suspecting your system is zombied..

    What OS?
  6. Windows 7
  7. you try the adwcleaner?
  8. I'll give adwcleaner a shot.

    Oh, I found a user named ASP.NET MACHINE on my control panel. I never knew I had it, anything I should do with it?
  9. I've seen it get loaded by some of the Microsoft stuff... I do not remember what...

    Have you purged old unused programs?
  10. Not completely, no, but i'm working on that.
  11. Ok, tried Adwcleaner, it removed quite a few things but it didn't solve my space or RAM problem, things look grim.
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