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  1. Getting any one of them are fine. I prefer the middle one for looks. Choose whichever one that looks the best to you.
  2. I highly suggest looking at the Phanteks Enthoo Pro, the NZXT H440 and the NZXT Phantom series. The cases you linked are all good too. :)
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    Well, if you like red. The NZXT Phantom (no numbers) gets my highest recommendation. I fucking love mine. Not only is it super sexy, but great, well, everything else as well. Great airflow, cable management etc etc. I honestly can't see myself ever needing another case, it's just so good. And it's usually available for under 100$ with a mail in rebate, which is an amazing deal, especially for a full tower.

    Or you could get white if you want a "stromtrooper" kind of look:

    Also here's some reviews, just because:
  4. The red phantom does look amazing I'll check it out. Thanks :)
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