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I've narrowed my monitor list to the ASUS VG278HE and the QNIX QX2710 Evolution II. Both are 27 in. monitors, have exceptionally good customer reviews, and are in the same price category of $300-$400.

The differences between the two are:

Resolution: ASUS VG278HE - 1080p
QNIX QX2710 - 1440p

Refresh Rate: ASUS VG278HE - 144Hz
QNIX QX2710 - 60Hz

Response Time: ASUS VG278HE - 2ms
QNIX QX2710 - 8ms

Price: ASUS VG278HE: $372.95
QNIX QX2710: $323.89

Each monitor has it's advantages and I can't decide which would be better for gaming, watching movies, surfing the internet, and school work. Any advice would be helpful but it'd be awesome if I could hear from someone who has one or both of these monitors. Thanks!
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  1. And waht card (GPU) do you propose to drive them with?
  2. It's the EVGA GTX 770 4GB
  3. Oh, and possibly in SLI in the near-future.
  4. I'd go the Asus, I generally always look to them or BenQ first for monitors, great quality, picture and screen ;)
  5. Yeah that's what I've heard. For me right now it's just a question of whether I want better resolution or refresh rate. But obviously, having better resolution doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to have better screen quality because there could be screen-tearing and ghosting on the QNIX and the ASUS is built to eliminate those annoyances. Hopefully someone who owns a QNIX or 1440p monitor will post soon about the difference between a 1440p or 1080p monitor. I'm not even sure I'll notice a huge difference between 1440p and 1080p. Btw, does anyone know what a 2560x1600 monitor would be called? That's the resolution of the QNIX but the 1440p monitors are 2560x1440 so I'm not sure what 2560x1600 is.
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    2560x1600 is simply 1440p only 160 pixels taller. Just as 1200p is just 1080p but 120 pixels taller. Some people prefer the little extra height.

    Also, I'd go with the Asus. Great name in monitors, that ones great, and you'll probably enjoy the higher refresh rate over the larger resolution. Wait a few years and pick up a 4K monitor.
  7. Cool. thanks for the explanation. I'm still really torn between 1440p and 144Hz. I would love to have both! Lol You're probably right though, the ASUS would most likely be the best choice.
  8. I can vouch for the Qnix, I just got one this week. Overclocked to 96hz with ease (more than enough for my GTX 680). The picture quality really is superb (uses a Samsung PLS panel), far better than the TN panel Asus, and 1440p is a big difference to 1080p.

    Downsides are the buttons and stand are cheap and feel it, but for the price its a amazing value for money, you also only get a single dual link dvi connection.

    If you value picture quality, get the qnix, if you want maximum response time for competitive gaming, get the asus.
  9. Thanks for the feedback RobCrezz but I already purchased the ASUS monitor.
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