Losing connection while downloading (torrent)


My situation is, when I download something using torrent, after ~10 minutes,

my internet connection just disconnects while downloading

so I have to reset my modem...

No router, just modem. I thought it was my router problem, so I tested it without router, still same issue...

Any thought??? Thank you..

Should I replace my modem? or firewall problem..?
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  1. When you say it disconnects does it actually loose sync completely or just stop responding?

    If its losing sync completely check to see if your modem has error counters. are there a lot of errors on the line? if so heavy downloading could aggravate the issue till it fails.

    If its not losing sync but not reponding, (and your isp is not intentionally blocking you?)
    try reducing the number of maximum allowed connections. It could be the nat on your modem getting swamped.
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