Computer has been randomly restarting/Rebooting in games only lately...

I installed a GTX 760, and shortly after my computer has started to randomly reboot without a warning. Event viewer only tells me the system shut down without warning.
I want to say my PSU is just bad and needs replacing, but the fact is the PC Only reboots randomly in games. If I am not in a game it runs fine.

If it helps, I will link the specific parts I am using that I worry might be the problem, I don't know a lot about PSU amps and wattage's and so on, so if I made a mistake here please let me know.


I have re-installed windows and drivers including GPU drivers to rule out any software type issues.
I have fully ruled out temperature related issues.
I have run memtest to rule out memory issues.
I have run prime95 without any issues.

If anyone has any ideas, I would love to try them. Thank you.
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  1. Gpu is only 150w and that Rosewill PSU is decent. How about you run prime95 for a few hours and see how she handles that.
  2. Sure, I just started running that. Running the blend mode test I guess, I will let you know what happens in a few hours. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. I ran it for a while, but everything is going perfectly smooth, not a single issue. If I booted up a game like Divinity: Original Sin however, it would reboot my PC within 5 minutes every time.
  4. I wish I had another computer, I could try components in that to see what is messed up. I am really starting to think I need to replace the PSU, but is it possible only demanding games would cause a reset?
    If the PSU was failing I would assume it would reset pretty much regardless, but I thought it has more than enough power for this build, I am confused.
  5. I am getting desperate, if anyone has any ideas please share. It just did it again when alt tabbing, and I am pretty sure it killed the HDD that I replaced, it won't be long till it does the same to this one.
    Is it safe to way it's the PSU? I don't understand why it is doing this.
  6. Well I'll figure it out eventually I suppose, I will start with getting a new PSU and see if that fixes it.
  7. Well prime95 pretty much rules out the cpu and ram as the cause. Its really looking like the gpu or psu.

    How many pcie power connectors on your GPU? I was just thinking if it only has 1 then its getting the other 75w thru the pcie slot which means it could be the motherbd too.
  8. Two, and the PSU is powering it fully.
    I'm down to the PSU or GPU but I dunno how to tell which one it is. I don't have another computer to swap parts around.
  9. I am still tearing my hair out at this.

    I was running prime 95 and furmark, pushing it as hard as I could to get it to reboot, but it won't.
    I try and play world of tanks, reboots within 5 minutes EVERY TIME.

    I recently updated my Bios too, issue persists
  10. So far only two games cause this problem without fail. Divinity Original Sin and World of Tanks.

    Please, I am at wits end, if ANYONE out there knows anything that can cause reboots with these games let me know. Thank you! <3
  11. I give up. Taking it to a repair shop on Friday.
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