Fast Gaming Build

Is this a good build for less than $800 dollars?
I'm looking for a build that can handle gaming and software like unreal engine 4.

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    looks pretty solid.
    Good budget cpu, only other option that price would be a Pentium, which although not as fast, would net you a motherboard in which you could drop a i5 into later, that's all personal preference and yours choice is just fine.
    8gb ram
    got your ssd for windows
    1tb for data (although Seagate hhd's are really bad for longevity ive had 3 3tb drives go bad in 6 months now, so make sure you backup)
    good power supply
    case is good for price, and should fit your gpu in
    gpu is about as good as you can get for price, nvida vs amd is all personal preference and performance is to close to matter

    I wouldn't change anything personally
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