New Mobo, black screen when installing drivers

Apparently my question wasn't saved from main page. Sorry in advanced - I have to post from mobile.

Basically, I just updated to a Z97-A with an i7 4790. It seems to post fine.. I did a clean install of Windows, and it all seemed fine and dandy until I began installing drivers.

At that point, my screen went grey and I restarted.. And nothing. I had already tested the mobo... And the gfx card worked fine with my old x58.

I tried with minimal hardware. Reset CMOS. But it seems like I can get Windows to install, and then the screen goes black while installing drivers and then I can't get it to work again without reinstalling windows.

XFX 7970
Samsung 840 evo
i7 4790

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Restart PC after each driver install so you can pinpoint which driver is causing the problem.
  2. Truth is, I'm not evn e getting to the first driver install before it dies.

    So, it suddenly started to boot to the BIOS screen. I can see my SSD there as well as the optical drive.. I tried swapping which port the SSD was on, because I noticed it wasn't seen in boot options (and now it is). When I hit save and exit.. It just jumps back to this now.

    Also, BIOS version is shown as 0702. I remember that it said the version was of some point in April.. But I don't see any options on ASUS's site to actually download updated drivers?

    Edit: swapped the port that my SSD was plugged into. It didn't seem to change anything.
  3. Are you sure your Power Supply delivers enough Watts to your system? It may cause a shutdown.
    Can you post your PSU? :)

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