overclock or unlocking an amd athlon x4 750k

so I have a AMD Athlon x4 750k and a 770 2 GB.
I want to over clock it because I think it is holding back my GPU. there is one problem how the hell is it done?!?!? also what is unlocking and OC.

(using Hyper 212 EVO)
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    First off, it all depends on the motherboard. Some are made for easy overclocking and you need a recent version of BIOS. Some processors just can't be overclocked, because they have their multiplier locked, so they're called LOCKED PROCESSORS. Luckily, this processor has an unlocked multiplier so you could OC, but you must have enough Wattage, since higher clocks require more Watts and stronger PSUs. You also must have a CPU cooler if you want high(er) clocks on your CPU. OC means overclocking, as said before. If you put higher clocks you will also get higher temperatures, and you will shorten you CPU's life. Since X4 750K is good, it won't bottleneck (hold back) your GFX a lot, so don't worry. If you need tips on OC, ask me. And the OC is done in the BIOS. When your PC is booting up, press F11 or Delete to enter BIOS (it may vary) and the you should find a menu where it says clock multiplier, clock speed etc. and select your clock (in mhz if the BIOS is like that, or in GHZ). Same if it asks you for multiplier speed.
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