My hard disk suddenly shut downs.

Hi i have a problem with my hard disc on my windows 7 pc. My hard disc is Hitachi 500GB. When i play games or surfing in the internet the pc suddenly turns off but the computer still working,only the hard disc do not work and the red light didnt show up, so i noticed the problem its from hard disc. i dont know is it cuz its overheating or no. My temperatures on hard disc when i play games are max 43-4. i dont know is this temperatures are normal or no. I many times check the hard disc for bad sectors and fragmented files its still remain the same problem, i dont know what is going on with this hard disc. Please help me and give me sugestions what to do to get resolved it once for all !!!
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  1. i dont under stand the statement "pc suddenly turns off but the computer still working" well it may be a faulty motherboard or a faulty ram rather than the check you ram with memtest you cannot really check your mobo but if the ram comes out fine then i think 70% its the motherboard...
  2. i mean the rest of computer working only hdd stop working and the red light isnt showing on the pc but other components works like procesor motherboard and power supply only hdd is not working. And i think proccesor when it works then its not the motherboard hm
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    no its not true if every things work and still u can get black screen frequent restarts and no display like yours because of a dying motherboard remove the hdd and see if u are getting a post screen or not .......
  4. hm but i buy my pc only 3 years ago how the mobo will die so easy can you tell me how to fix it if i can cuz i dont have money for new mobo.
  5. :) 3 yrs is a lot of time and mobo can be damaged in a day or a week or a year its an electronic product no one tell how long it will last i have lost 2 mobo in past 5 years ........check if any pc hardware store repairs the board many does and make sure about the estimate charges before giving your board to repair i guess u have lost your warranty already so their is no way to rma..
  6. My warranty was 3 yrs and now my pc is about 3 yrs and 5-6 months and i dont have warranty anymore. Hm but i will buy new mobo when i have the money. And did u tell me how long will live my mobo from now and if u can tell me is there anyway except pc hardware store to do something about the mobo like cleaning or idk to live more. :)
  7. not really sorry hard ware repairing is out of my knowledge and its not a thing u can do by yourself at could be a bulge capacitor or something like that who knows...
  8. hm ok man and thanks for the help now i know the problem is mobo. Any chances to be psu ? cuz mine is 300w delux and my system is: procesor Intel celeron e3400 2.6ghz 2gb ram and integrated video card gma x4500 the mobo is ecs g41 express chipset.
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