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Hello everyone! It's my first time posting here but I've been lurking this forum for quite some time now :) I'm assembling a new PC with a low-ish budget, aiming for good performance: I picked an Intel i5 processor and 8GB of 1600mhz RAM.
Now, I have an old Western Digital Caviar Blue HDD (WD5000KS/AAKS)
but since I don't want it to impair the overall performance of the PC I was considering a more recent model and I stumbled across a newer version of it which has the same RpM but a larger cache.

I tried to read around a bit and apparently there's no significative difference between the two but I'm not an expert and I would like to be sure: is the extra money worth it at all? Thanks in advance :)

PS: the 500GB difference is not a factor
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  1. I'd get an ssd and put the os there and use the old drive for data; you would see the most improvement in performance with your money spent here.
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    No significant difference in everyday tasks or gaming. Only time you might see a difference is when transferring large files or installing a CD to a HDD.
  3. I disagree with regard to the everyday tasks. Gaming, yes that will not have any marked improvement but start up/shut down, and opening/closing programs depending on how the op uses an SSD or not (prefetch, pagefile, where programs are saved and which ones, etc.) will greatly dictate the end user experience.
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