Help on Overclocking with AI Charger Please

Hi, i'm new to overclocking and I've just got given a new PSU and case for better airflow and I have used AI Charger from ASUS and it has pushed my i5 2500k 3.3GHz to around 3.8GHz. Is this a safe way to do this?

Computer Spec:
CPU: i5 2500k 3.30GHz
Heatsink: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 120mm
Motherboard: ASUS P8H61
GPU: Radeon HD 6950 2GB
RAM: Kingston DDR3 4GB 1333MHz x2
SSD: Intel 240GB
Slave Drive: 2TB
PSU: ZM850-HP (850W Dual Heatpipe Cooled) - I'm getting a slight high pitch sound from this when loaded into Windows. Atleast I think its the PSU.

Any advice on the PSU or overclocking would be appreciated. I can give more information if needed.

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  1. Really the safest way to do it would be to go into your BIOS. I had a bad experience with Overclocking with software (A-Tuning) where it ramped up my voltage even though I had it at Fixed.

    Moral of the Story: You don't know what the software is actually doing. I would play it safe and overclock in your bios.
  2. Do you know what voltage components should be set to? As AI Charger has no Undo button that I can see :/ Tried uninstalling it and seems to still be overclocked.
  3. Well to check if it is still overclocked download CPU-Z and check the clock speed. IF it reads 3.3ghz it is not overclocked.

    As for the max voltage: Intel's data sheet says max voltage for your cpu would be 1.52v But IMO I would not try going that high on air. I would recommend nothing more than 1.4v. For a quick and dirty overclock I would set your clock to 4ghz at 1.25 and then run IBT or Prime95. IF it passes then you could either increase your multiplier till it Blue screens then decrease it back to where it was last stable.

    OR If you pass at 4ghz at 1.25 volts you could alternately just decrease the the voltage till it Blue screens then bump it back up a little bit for safety.

    Note: Overclocking is at your own risk and it does void your warranty.
  4. I originally just wanted to test the AI Charger not essentially keep it overclocked, AI Charger first overclocked to 3.8 which was a 15% increase. All I want to do is revert it and get it back to its 3.3 as I have no problems running games such as BF4, Dayz or Titanfall on Max. I just read up about AI Charger and some people say its not so good, but I'm unable to find out how to revert the changes.

    My CPU-Z Clock speed reads at 1595MHz and jumps to 3490 MHz. Currently using 1.088v

    On AI Charger it has my DDR Voltage at 1.5 and my CPU Voltage at 1.2.

    All I want to do is basically "factory reset any overclocking"

    However if this is fine voltage and clock speed I could just leave it

    Guidance would be hugely appreciated.
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    That is fine. The reason it changes is Intel's Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology. It will downclock when not being used or when being little used (such as browsing facebook or something of the like). It will also overclock itself up to 3.7ghz using the same technology when under medium-full load. It is safe to say that it is not overclocked.

    That voltage is safe.

    I would uninstall AI Charger just to make sure, but from the details given I would say it is on default settings and it goes up using the above stated Tech.
  6. Thanks mate, feel abit better now.

    Appreciate it
  7. no problem at all. Glad I could help.
  8. If you're still around, I am looking to upgrade but not every component, what would you recommend upgrading first as maybe 2 pieces of hardware?
  9. well it depends on your system.

    Give me the specs of your whole system.

    CPU Cooler:
    Disk Storage:

    The whole thing it depends on what part would help the most from an upgrade and I don't know your system so I cant answer that until I do.
  10. One sec just noticed that it is up at the top. Checking it over.
  11. Um if I had to pick I would upgrade the gpu and cpu or ram.

    The cpu is ok for now but it may start being an issue in a year or two.

    The gpu has the same issue. Its fine for now but it could pose an issue with modern games.

    The ram is fine just 4gb isnt enough for some modern games so i'd recommend 8+ no more than 16 is needed unless you do a lot of video editing or something of the sort.
  12. I said 4GB x2. I have 8. Sorry. Is the MOBO not the slack component?
  13. Sorry didn't mean to not mention this. Unless you upgraded to a i7-2xxx you would have to replace the motherboard also to upgrade the processor. For current-gen gaming your processor is fine. If you did want to upgrade the processor to a current one (the i5-4670k is very good if you overclock[which obviously you do] and don't do rendering) you would have to upgrade your motherboard to an LGA 1150 or 2011 depending on what type of processor you get. Assuming you stick with intel that is.
  14. Thanks, ofc Intel CPU :)
  15. If you do decide to switch Mobo and CPU I highly recommend the i5-4670k and an ASRock z97 Extreme4.
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