Can Ethernet cable damage pc

I know this is silly but here it goes .. Can a damaged enthernet cable damage pc enthernet port or hdd or anything
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  1. No.... it just won't work

    Is there a particular problem you're trying to solve?
  2. Here is what happened .. on my previous pc i had trouble with network .. it always disconnects you know what i mean that yelow mark no network access .. my hdd keep dying one Wd blue 500 drive and one hitachi seriusly damaged than Wd black again .. i didnt want to risk it so i visit the nearest repair shop .. and some people said that bad ram can couse bad sectors and damage the hard drive so i replaced the ram with kingston hyper x fury the previus ram was transcend -- and pls dont tell me that its the psu because its a new one and its great so im just scared that my ssd will die or some thing like that can a network cable damage pc in any way or .. its blinking orange behind the motherboard on the network port ..
  3. Y, a toughy... these are the sort of issues that can be the most tiresome and frustrating...

    Could you list your full spec, with an indication of how old each component is...
    Also, I trus tyou have antivirus and antimalware such as malwarebyes and Bitdefender fully updated and have run full scans...
    Do you have a good plugboard / power strip with surge protection?
    Does your case have sufficient cooling, nothings getting too hot?
  4. motherboard now p8z77vl-x cpu i3 3250 ram:hyper x fury 8 gb 1600 mhz graphic card redeon 5850 gigabayte oc edition ssd kingston v300now i replaced my motherboard wich was msi h61m p20 and the motherboard has build in feature anti surge :D maybe its just a bad luck :D o snap i forgot the psu cooler master b series 500 wats and the case is hugeee .. im jsut afraid that my ssd will die now i dont know but i replaced the ram and the motherboard pls tell me is it safe for me to use that enthernet cable :D and thank you man for helping me :D
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    I see no reason to think that your Ethernet cable could possibly damage your PC... it's just a cable... and motherboards are generally pretty robust...

    From your spec my only concern would be your PSU... it isn't a very good one... all these weird problems and part failures you are having is consistent with a bad PSU behaving very badly... before you do anything else I would buy a new PSU. For example the XFX Pro series, whcih seem to be available for very good money at the moment.

    Have a look at this list:

    ... and consider something from tier A or B.
  6. Yeah i know i replaced the blueberry psu with this cooler master psu its a brand new before this my setup was intel g 2030 intel hd 2500 4 gb ram transcend blue berry psu msi h61m p20 i dont know how many wats excatly but maybe i was to rough on it i had over 76 games on that pc maybe i damaged the igpu and the bad ram was cousing the problems and so ... i dont know but thank you man i dont think it has to do with surges and so because i had intel core 2 duo machine 775 socket and no problems for four years and i gave it to my friend :D so enthernet cable wil not damage anything if it damage no problems 2 years warranty :D but Thanks Adept for the opinion :D + one from me :D
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