Need help, Power supply worries and motherboard advice.

Hi guys. I've been searching around and I can't seem to get a definitive answer on whether my G7 Power Extreme 680W PSU is bad news or not. I have a sapphire 7950 dual-x atm and that's the only expensive thing in my case so far, but I'm about to get a i5 4690k and an z97 (not sure which yet) and I don't want my power supply destroying it. I'm 13 and I worked really hard to get the money for this and I built it so I don't want it to all go down the drain.

I'm also not sure about which motherboard to get but i think I'm going to go for this:
A Gigabyte Z97X-SLI because it I'm thinking about top end Nvidia sli in the future.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    HI mate, first off good on you for saving up and building your own PC, awesome stuff, well done.

    Given you work really hard to get the money for this it would be a shame to have a poor quality PSU blow it all away. I'm looking at PSUs at the moment and going for a Seasonic X series. I have a friend who has known 3 PCs lost due to shoddy power supplies. His advice to me was if I was going to spend that much money on other components why skimp on the thing thats putting all the power into them.
    A quick google of your G7 brought this up
    So I'd be considering saving a bit longer and putting a few more $$ into something quality to power your new rig with.
    Good luck mate, keep doing the good stuff.
  2. From what i am reading off of the "reviews" section on amazon ( ), this is a pretty bad PSU That doesn't provide the full 680 watts it claims to provide, Honestly its up to you if you want to risk it, If you want to play it safe, buy a SeaSonic or Antec PSU.
    The G7 is a tier 5 unit. Do not buy, replace as soon as possible unit.
  4. Thanks guys, will do.
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