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Computer Specs

Old Graphic Card - AMD HD 7xxx Series
onBoard Graphic Card - Intel HD 4000
New Graphic Card(Trying to install)Nvidia Windforce 760 4gb oc
Motherborad - Foxconn 2ADA
Ram - 16GB corsair
Display 1920x1080 - Dell S2240L
Display 1600x900 Acer S201HL
CPU - Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz
Power Supply - Corsair 860x Platinum


I got a new graphic card about 6 months ago now when i tired to install the new graphic card after uninstalling all my old amd stuff but when i turn my computer back on i get no signal though either HMDI or VGA my screens are acer 1600x900 and a dell 1920x1080, I have tired i lot of different stuff to try and get it to work suggested from company's i purchased it from no luck there so i finally bite the bullet and send it back to the company to check if anything was wrong with it they send it back saying nothing was wrong with it was working fine on there end so now I'm stuck with a $450 graphic card that i can't use because i can't figure out this error anyone with and suggestion that might help a little bit i would greatly appreciate!
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    The GTX 760 needs a good quality PSU of 500 watts minimum with 30 Amps on the 12 Volt rail. What PSU do you have?

    Also, check and make sure that all cables are properly plugged in and the latches engaged.
  2. Hello,

    thanks for the fast reply can't believe i forgot that, it's a corsair 860x platinum which should be fine if i right but correct me if I'm wrong yes everything is put in nice and tight i check it a few times but nothing no signal?
  3. Well, first make sure everything is well plugged (some flex on video card may cause failure to connect properly to motherboard). Second, may sure your motherboard bios are up to date. Lastly, remove both AMD and NVIDIA drivers and re-install latest stable NVIDIA drivers.

    Lastest Motherboard BIOS/Drivers:
    Removing AMD drivers:
    Removing NVIDIA drivers:
    Downloading latest NVIDIA drivers:
  4. Thank you for the fast response, not sure what flex on a video card is trying to find my update for my BIOS i'm having trouble finding my model on the foxconn page found the chipset and socket just having trouble with the Model part will try the other steps once i update my BIOS also i have tired to installed the latest nvidia driver first but is says it can't find the right software in the computer and i was told by nvidia that you have to have the video card in the computer to install the graphic driver but please tell me i can install it without the graphic card in my computer.
  5. Well, try your gpu in another pc, any, just to see with a fast way that the gpu its ok!
    if you have no signal in other pc as well ,then gpu is fried!
    if gpu is ok and running, try to check drivers cables as other ppl said! and finaly try to use another gpu (your old one) to see if there is any fault on either MB or PSU that stops the gpu from running, also try to start the pc with the minimum things on , just in case, remove the hdds and drives and see if you get to windows bios when the gpu is running, you may get a signal or not,
    well as you see my advice is to test everything step by step and ! test the gpu in any other pc(friends pc etc)
    hope it helped
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