Difference between these PSU???

What's the difference between these PSU? Looks like both of it is the Seasonic X (according the image) and they have slightly different design, why they have different names?

1. 850w
2. 650w

Does it suits my build?
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  1. Their the same , Different wattage.
  2. One's 650 watts, the other is 850 watts...?
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    They are called the same thing, or the same range, it's just pcpartpicker picking and choosing between the marketing name (X-series 650 etc) and the part name (SS-650KM etc).
    Both are good, but are both likely to be massive overkill for your system. It's hard to tell without more information though.
  4. Thjere is also KM3 , KM4. same supplies.
  5. thank you, now I understand...
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