My Motherboard is not Supporting DDR5 Graphic Card

My Mobo Gigabyte H61M DS2 is not Running DDR5 Graphic Cards, DDR3 Graphic Card's are working fine but no output with DDR5 ... PLzzzzz Help
SYS Spec..
Intel G2020.
Gigabyte H61M DS2.
600 Watt Cooler Master Thunder.
2 TB Hard Disk..
AMD R7 260X OC Edition.
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  1. Did you plug in the 6 pin PCIE power on the card.
  2. Not running how? as in when you have the 260 installed you get no signal at all?

    Maybe its not getting power? did you connect the 6pin adapter to it?
  3. Yes I Did Connect That Connect That 6 Pin Adapter..
  4. Fan spinning on the card?

    If not you might have a dead card.
  5. Fan is Spinning.. n PC is also working fine..
  6. CLEAR CMOS , old drivers uninstalled?
  7. i Also Tried to Connect Radeon 7770 Still no Output.. But Radeon 6450 (DDR3) Card is working fine..
  8. Already Done
  9. Any BIOS updates available for card compatability?
  10. Yes its F10, N i ALso updated my bios yesterday
  11. So you have 2 DDR5 cards and both dont work and only the dd3 card is working?
  12. Yes ... This is what i'am trying to say.. ddr3 is working but ddr5 isn't
  13. That board has onboard graphics... Starting to wonder if you are having a conflicting issue there.

    But from what i can gather you cant do anything with the card installed correct? you cannot even get into bios with either of those cards installed?

    do you see your cards on this list. it may also be possible those cards are not compatible. Do you have another computer to test the ddr5 cards?
  14. Yes absolutely correct.. no output when i install the card can't even get into bios..
    and my card is compatible with this motherboard.. n already checked my card on other mobo n its working fine..
  15. You may need to RMA that card. It's hard to think that you have 2 bad cards but its possible. Without being able to get anything on the screen its hard to see whats going on. Best thing to do is to test it on another machine if that is possible. But i would say go ahead and RMA it.

    And you are correct that card should work with that motherboard.

    After you updated bios one more thing you can try is to go back into bios and restore to default settings.


    one sec checking something real fast.

    What is the brand of your video card?
  16. Its Msi R7 260x.. N i have tested both of the cards on Asus G41 Mobo Yesterday.. R7 260x And Radeon 7770(I Have Two Cards).. Both Are Working Fine on Asus G41 But On Mine...
  17. And One More Thing i Also Have a Third Card Amd HD 6450(DDR3).. N Its Working Fine But DDR5 Isn't..
  18. Best answer
    Just weird. You have to find another ddr5 card. The memory on the video cards are independent and really should not affect anything as this is most likely just coincidence. I still think the cards are bad OR the motherboard may be bad as well. May be worth an RMA>
  19. i am also using this board first ddr3 ati radeon hd 5450 not work then i update my board bios then it working
    but not fully supporting but i playing games
  20. Tech-nods said:
    i Also Tried to Connect Radeon 7770 Still no Output.. But Radeon 6450 (DDR3) Card is working fine..

    its working with update bios
  21. support 3.0 bios
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