Games Freezes Every Few Seconds

l need help, everytime l play a pc game the game freezes for a few seconds (audio still plays) and l have to wait 3 seconds before it go's back to normal. I already cleaned my registry and defragment my disk but it still persists

Games lm playing: World In Conflict

Garrys mod

No Other Games do this besides these 2


Processor:AMD Phenom ll X4 940

RAM: 8gb

Video Card: Geforce GTX 560 ti
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  1. Have you tried updating your drivers?
  2. Yes all drivers are updated
  3. After the freeze it works as normal? Try turning down your settings a bit see if that solves it.
  4. I fixed Garrys Mod by turning on Wait for vertical sync. now to World in conflict
  5. If the option exist to turn off vertical sync i would turn that off.

    Or i guess for that matter if it is solving your problem to turn it on lol...
  6. Best answer
    LoL l dun goofed. apparently all l had to do was reinstall my drivers. Silly me sorry for wasting anybody's time
  7. So all is good?
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