AMD FX 6100 Six-Core Processor Temperature Question

I am beyond confused as to what is going on, for a year now I have been experiencing BSoDs when playing The SIms 3, ocassionaly when playign Civ 5. It is frustrating to say the least.

But here's the thing.

Everywhere i look I get different answers

When using SpeedFan, when at load playing Sims 3 it reports the CPU reaching about 70c+ (maybe 73 at max if I recall)

CPUID reports on idle at about 21-30, maybe 40 if I do an action (which is weird, it jumps rather quickly, which I don't think anything can warm up that fast). It also reports 21-30c when at idel despite the fact that SpeedFan reports about 44C at the moment.

Everywhere I read, people say that 70C is acceptable.

Yet, I also read that 70C is already too high.

So I am confused as to how hot my AMD FX 6100 Six-Core Processor (3.3Ghz) is getting and can get hot.


My dad said that you can set at which temperature the PC will auto-reset and that from what I saw it was set to 51 degrees....?

I really don't want anymore issues with this PC.
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    What motherboard do you have it installed in? See if that motherboard manufacturer has a monitoring suite for voltages and temperatures. If not, try Harcware Monitor by CPUZ.

    70c is too hot for an FX series CPU. They will begin to throttle to prevent damage at 72c. Ideally you want to see it staying below 56c under full load.

    Some things to research and check:

    Are you using the stock heatsink that came with it?

    Has the thermal paste dried out?

    Is your motherboard detecting the CPU correctly and sending the correct voltage to it?

    You may need to fix one or more of the above to resolve the problem.
  2. The PC is custom built by a friend of mine. So quite frankly no idea.

    My motherboard is ASUSTek Computer INC. M5A78L-M/USB3 ? No idea if that's anything.
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