Help partitioning hard drive to NTFS and intalling windows 7 (NO OS ON HARD DRIVE)

So I had linux 13.10 on my pc. I hated it, my friend gave me Windows 7 and now i've messed up. Somehow I deleted Linux trying to install windows and my hard drive is not formatted as ntfs. I tried through the command prompt in the windows installer but i dont know what drive my hard drive is. When I tried to pull the volume list up in the command prompt it only showed the volume of the windows disk I had in the pc. I have no idea what to do at this point.
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    Just boot to the Windows disk. When it gets to the part where is asks where ti install, go to advanced, delete all the partitions, and then install to the empty space, and it will set up and format the partition for you.
  2. Try booting into the bios and make sure that the disk is recognized there.
  3. It is recognized in bios. After I click install the where so you want to install windows come up. It shows "Disk 0 Partition 1|" then it shows "Disk 0 Partition 2"
    Should I delete both of these? In my advanced option it shows delete refresh and load driver. Format new am extend are grayed out.
  4. The partition 1 disk says it's type is system and the partition 2 disk says it's type is logical.
  5. I believe I have succeeded. Thank you :)
  6. AmberMarks said:
    I believe I have succeeded. Thank you :)

    how did u do that? facing same problem :(
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