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I have recently bought a new computer. For the first week everything worked well but after a while the computer began to constantly BSOD. The errors have been different everytime. Such as recently I got NTFS.sys error, system exception thread not handled, irql_not_less_or_equal, and intelppm.sys.

I have tried: turning off hardware acceleration in chromium and firefox, only installing bare minimum drivers (ie chipset, ME interface, graphics), switching ram dimms, using windows memory diagnostics (no errors found), installing a new ssd, reinstalling windows countless times, running driver verifier on all non Microsoft drivers and enabling all checks, removing all dust filters, installing all windows updates, installing beta amd drivers, installing catalyst 14.4, underclocking gpu, and running furmark on gpu (no artifacts found and max temp. 70 degrees).

EDIT: I have also updated my motherboard Bios to the latest one (1.7).

Here are my specs:

i7 4770k (30 degrees idle and it is never under load)
Coolermaster Hyper Evo 212
MSI R9 280 (60 degrees under real world load)
MSI PC MATE z87 g41 motherboard
Kingston 8 gb ram @ 1600 mhz
Cooler Master Elite V2 550W
Corsair 200r Case
128 gb Sandisk SSd (new/OS)
500 gb Hitachi (old/Storage)
300 gb Western Digital (old/Sotrage)
Windows 8.1 Pro

Last time my computer stopped blue screening was day before yesterday, when I took out my GPU and plugged in my dvi port into my onboard port. Then, I went into device manager and disabled intel HD 4600 graphics and pluged in my GPU. I restarted the computer and I did not blue screen for the entire day. I even restarted the computer multiple times to check if it was permanent. I started the computer this morning and I started blue screening again. I also did this yesterday morning and it worked (although intel 4600 was already disabled). Do I really have to do this everyday?

Please help I dont know what to do.

Blue screen dump files:
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    I fixed it. Turns out I had a bad RAM stick. If windows or any other ram test says your ram is error-free be very skeptical. I took one of my sticks out and the computer works. Also try putting different sticks in different DIMMS.
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