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My old Fujitsu laptop died. I've since taken out the internal/hard disk drive and using an IDE - USB cable I'm able to access all my information as normal via another PC. My only question - I used to be prompted for a password on my old computer in order to log into Windows. My assumption was that the password prompt would carry forward with the Internal Hard Drive when accessing it via another computer - but it hasn't. Instead, all the info on the internal hard drive is readily accessible. What is the easiest (and layman's) way of getting this hard drive protected via password? I'm hoping for a simple fix. If it's relevant the hard disk drive is a Toshiba with the teeth pins circa mid 2000s. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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    you can encrypt the disk, just make sure you have good backup, cause if you "forgot" the password, your data are gone.
  2. What's the easiest way/steps to get the drive encrypted? Sorry, as I'm a complete rookie at these things......
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