Is this legit, is this capable of higher end pc's graphics and gaming fps with the gtx 770's

Hi guys im just wary of this pc (cus im a noob and dont want to buy a useless rig if i dont build one in the end). i didnt think you could get a pc with a gtx 770 and compatible components for this price range. does it all stack up together if anyone can say. ?

the link to its specs and details are above but ill copy the basics below.

CPU Model - Intel Core I5 4460 3.2ghz 6mb Cache 4th Gen Haswell :----
Motherboard - Gigabyte H81M-H / Power Supply Corsair CX600 80 Plus Bronze 600w Power Supply
Memory - 8gb crucial DDR3 1600mhz Performance Ram :----
Graphics Card - Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 2gb GDDR5 with HDMI
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    This will run most games at 1080p maxed settings, there's really demanding games out there that even a 780 struggles, but overall this is a high end gaming PC, :) and the price is about right.
  2. thanks a mill appreciate the quick response. was surprised to find how cheap it was i was expecting much more. thanks again :)
  3. it's doable, just. a 770 is only £220 at the moment that mobo is a cheapy (£33) but it'll work, ram £60, PSU £50(est), CPU (£130), HDD £40est totalling £540, so at it's full price it's a rip off, at that price it's a bit of a loss leader assuming that they can only buy parts at the same price you and I can (they'll get discount). It'll be very very marginal, parts brought on account to order, company not around for support in 12months time. Note no operating system.
  4. why not build your own?
  5. you think it might run into trouble in a short time because the motherboard is cheap? also its easy enough to instal an operating system isnt it? just need the disk and itl pretty much run itself then after a few clicks? i have a win7 disk already.
  6. p.s. sorry im a noob
  7. OS install is no issue (although if you've upgraded a PC and can install windows you'd may as well build it yourself.

    the mobo is just low end, with lots of limitations. or it does just enough is another way of looking at it. It'll be fine for many years, you won't be stressing it.
  8. cheers man thanks for clarifying. ive messed with loads of techie things and modified things in past but never a pc so id be more comfortable just buying something like this first then when i feel i have a better understanding of how all the parts work together in a few years ill just do a full rebuild and spend more like 2 grand get a real beast. for one screen 1080p gaming most games maxed this looks like an easy enough starter pack. thanks for the helpful input
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