Computer lists multiple versions of Windows when trying to install to new disk

OK, this is a weird one, at least to me.

I've tried installing a new SSD after the failure of a previous one. When installing Windows 7 on the current one I get partially through to a reset but after the reset it lists multiple version of Win 7 to select.

Now, I do have a standard hard drive (HDD?) attached but this drive has never had windows installed on it.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get rid of these versions listed upon reset but before windows starts up. Likewise, I can't figure out how to complete installation.

This one is driving me nuts and the only thing I can even think is that somehow something is being written into the motherboard. The only other option is somehow it wrote something to the other drive and is reading it.

I just don't get it at this point, because none of this makes any sense from the way I understand computers.

This is the last step before I ask and spend money on a professional. This is a homebuilt machine so I'd rather not accept defeat.
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  1. I am not completely certain as to what your saying, could you perhaps send a pic or give a detailed description as to what is going on. A pic would be better.
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