Internet explorer will not open

I click on the icon to open the browser but then nothing happens and I cannot get onto the internet at all, I know I have a connection as I can download updates
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  1. I don't have many details here but try opening up your browser, it won't open but the program should then be running. Click and hold Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and select task manager. It will return you to your desktop but now the task manager window will be open. In the applications tab check to see if Internet Explorer is running, if not go to the processes tab and scroll down looking at the image name column and look for internet explorer. If it is there right click it and select 'End Process Tree'. If it was there and you have ended the process exit out of the task manager and try to start up your browser. Hope this helped.
  2. Unfortunately this didn't help :(
  3. Okay, try opening up Windows update and look for anything at all related to Internet Explorer. If there is an update download and install it, then restart your system. Try opening it after you restart.
  4. No Iv done all the updates I can
    It was working fine until last week and now won't load up, the icon looks like it's running but after 30 seconds nothing has happened, and I can load on to the internet to download another browser so my wife can continue her online studies,
  5. Have you tried running it from start> all programs ?
    Perhaps your desktop shortcut has become corrupt.
  6. Yes popatim I have tried that and it still doesn't run, becoming very frustrating
  7. Go into the control panel and uninstall Internet Explorer, give me an email or something of the sort I can send an installer to. I really cannot think of anything else at this point, I know as a basic rule it is a bad idea to give out your email but if you want this to work I will need it. Also do you want Chrome? Or just Internet Explorer?
  8. Private message your email if you decide to do so.
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