Laptop with an APU can i add a GPU?

I have a HP Pavilion 17-e016dx and it has a AMD A8 5550m APU with Radeon HD 8550G graphics and i know most laptops have integrated graphics that are not upgradable and cannot be removed. But, since my computer has an APU, would i be able to add a better graphics card? or is the laptop not capable of running a good dedicated graphics card.
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  1. APU=integrated graphics, you can't upgrade it.
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    Unfortunately the HP Pavilion 17-e016dx does not include an MXM slot to allow upgradeability or attachment of GPUs that weren't built in to the CPU or Motherboard.

    Generally only laptops specifically aimed at gamers support upgradeability of the Graphics Card and even then it's limited due to PSU (Power Supply Unit) and cooling restrictions inherent with the slim, compact nature of laptop PCs.

    As a general rule the only components of a laptop that are comparatively easy/cost-effective to upgrade are the RAM and Hard Drive.

    If purchasing a laptop specifically with gaming or hardware intensive graphics applications in mind it is usually best to target a model with a very powerful, dedicated GPU from the beginning, foregoing most thought of upgrading this component over the course of the machine's lifespan.
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