270x Crossfire vs. 290x?

Hey guys, I am planning an upcoming build and I have not seen any benchmarks or reviews for a 270x crossfire vs 290x. A 4-way crossfire configuration would cost me about the same as a single 290x, so I am trying to decide which is going to give me more performance for my dollar. I could go with the 270x setup now, and then sell them later when I decide that I would need a 290x or maybe 2 of those. Of course, I could always just go with a 2-way crossfire 270x or even just put a single in there, but I get a bundle deal for 4 MSI 270x's for $300. Money is not a huge factor but of course I cant spend $700 on a 780 ti.
Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    270x $170, 290x $500

    2 x 270x would get you near enough to a 290x. That's what I'd use. It's easier to do 2 way xfire than 3 - easier to get a mobo and easier to get a psu. And cheaper.
  2. Cheapest 780 ti is 615:

    Plus three free games.

    Crossfire isnt optimized at all really. especially with 4 of them. a 290X will ive you better performance then 4. the 780ti is the best way to go.

    Crossfire isnt even optimized in 2 way config.
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