What's a pretty good AM3+ Micro/Standard ATX Motherboard for Under $100?

I'm building a budget PC and I don't want to go over $800. Now I know I'm not going to get too far for this budget price for a motherboard, but I've been looking around, and I can't put my mind on anything in particular. I don't have any plans to have multiple GPU's, or overclocking. I don't really care if it's MicroATX, or just ATX. As long as it's AM3+, somewhat reliable, and doesn't cost over $100, then I'm all in. Here's the list of parts I have.
You are welcome to suggesting something regarding the other parts if I should add/take away something.

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  1. They only have old crappy ones. Some crappy 970 chipset but no 990fx or fxa.
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    AM3+ is an old socket. I'd recommend a different list of parts if you don't already own them. This is the best you can get, even though it's $10 over budget.
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