i3 4130 with GTX 750 Ti vs i5 4430 with GTX 750 Ti vs i3 4130 with GTX 770 vs i5 4430 with GTX 770

I know the fact that i5 is better at gaming than i3, but does it means that it's a must? Does i3 (Let's said 4130) is really that bad compared to i5 (Let's say 4430)?

If we want to build a PC with a tight budget by using not-so-fast GTX 750 Ti and the other one is GTX 770, which combination is better (bang for the buck) and how much difference?

So it's something like this

i3 4130 with GTX 750 Ti vs i5 4430 with GTX 750 Ti vs i3 4130 with GTX 770 vs i5 4430 with GTX 770
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  1. The i3 is a great gaming cpu for GTX 760 and under, however it is bad for GTX 770 and higher because the i3 will bottleneck the GTX 770.

    Reason why it bottlenecks the gtx 770 is because it is only a dual core, quad core is a must for high end games at high settings for high end gpus.
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    The i5 is better than the i3, that is for sure, but by no means is it a must, as the i3 will still do a good job. The 770 is much better bang for tour buck if you have the power supply for it, especially if you are going to be gaming at 1080p or above, but if you are gaming at less than that then the 750Ti is the more attractive offer
  3. I5 with 770 would allow you to game on 1080p on high settings. With the other possibilities you might only be fine with 720p high/1080p medium to get reasonable frame rates.
  4. Realistically, you'll hit the performance ceiling of an i3 before you hit the performance ceiling of the 770. Likewise you'll hit the ceiling of the 750ti before you hit the ceiling of the i5.

    The i5 with the 770, or the i3 with the 750 are the most balanced of combinations which will be able to extract the most performance from each component together. If you use any of the other two combinations, you'll likely bottleneck performance one way or another depending on how demanding your games are.
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