Setting up nvidia surround on 3 screens and a single card

I know I will not get good FPS on most games at that resolution and I'm planning to get another card for SLI in a couple of months but in the meantime I want to use a 3 screen setup both as individual screens as well as using surround.

I'm going to get three of these: They don't have DP and are actually a discontinued model but anything better enough to make a difference (I live in Argentina) is either ridiculously expensive or outright impossible to get.
The nvidia site says that for 2D surround you can use any combination of HDMI/DVI/DP so I wanna know if this would work well:
My current card is a GTX 770 2GBs AMP Edition with DVI-I DL, DVI-D DL, HDMI and DP as outputs and I'm planning to connect everything this way:
Screen 1: HDMI input to the HDMI output.
Screen 2: HDMI input to the DVI-I DL output using an adapter.
Screen 3: HDMI input to the DVI-D DL output using an HDMI-to-DVI cable.

Would it work for 2D Surround?.

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    Yes that setup will work
  2. zink1701 said:
    Yes that setup will work

    Awesome, thanks!.
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